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Are you in the medical or dental field and need to have a valid BLS card from the American Heart Association? Perhaps your in school and are required to attend CPR classes as part of your curriculum. No matter if you are a new student or seasoned medical expert, we provide both recertification and renewal classes in a friendly environment. 

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orange county bls and cps training classes for students

The American Heart Association, also known as the AHA for short, has developed a comprehensive BLS training course that we offer in the Orange County Ca area for anyone in the medical field looking to get trained.

This means that your getting the right training and will ensure you leave your BLS renewal class with the skills needed to be effective at your job, school or other situation that life throws at you.

los angeles County BLS Training experts

Why drive in traffic or take some late night CPR class when we provide several training classes at varied times in order to fit your busy life. In fact, we even offer private classes for those that truly have a booked schedule. If you need a BLS renewal in Los Angeles County CA on your time, please contact us and let us know what you need so that we can accommodate you.


The renewal or recertification process may be familiar to you, as it includes video instruction from the American Heart Association along with a BLS hands on skill test. 

At the end of the training class there is also a written, multiple choice test. Nothing in the test will be a surprise, as all of the details for your BLS training will have covered these topics. Our BLS renewal classes in Orange County Ca are there to help you get the instruction you need so that you can secure you CPR card and get back to work or school.

The training classes cover essential information and procedures, like these:

  • Adult, infant and CPR methods for children
  • Special considerations and the process for using an Automated External Defibrillator, commonly known as an AED
  • Proper choking instruction related to both conscious and ucounscious victims 
  • Usage of CPR bag masks barriers, including two rescuer CPR training methods
  • And more...

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Don't wait until your CPR card expires! This can only cause details in school or even prevent some employees from returning to work if the regulations require all medical providers have a valid card on file.

Your BLS card will be valid for two years, allowing you to focus on your real world education and put these CPR skill to good use in a safe environment. Please contact us today and let us know what day and time works for you, in fact you could bring another student with you or a co-worked so that you can go through the recertification process as a team.

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